M8 Glasgow

This is a photo tour along the M8 through central Glasgow, starting at J22, the M77 junction, and working east through to J14.

Photos of J19-14 were taken on two different days in early February 2002; pictures of J22-20 were taken at Easter 2003.  The pictures are mainly 600x400 and around 100Kb each, so may take some time to load completely over a slow modem link.  Please give it time!

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The M8 was designed following the designation of large parts of central Glasgow as Comprehensive Development Areas - districts of slum housing and derelict industrial property which were to be completely cleared and redeveloped.  With the exception of the Charing Cross district, the CDAs formed an almost complete ring of brownfield sites around the city centre, and the City Roads Department leapt at the opportunity to build an Inner Ring Road and move through traffic off the surface streets.

Only half of the inner ring road was competed as planned, the west and north flanks, together with radial motorways out to the east and to the west - together forming the route of the M8 through the city.  A further radial motorway to the SW was eventually completed as  the M77.  The other parts of the scheme, the east and south flanks of the inner ring road and several more radial motorways, remain unfinished.

M8 Glasgow J22-21 - the M77 junction

M8 Glasgow - J20 Kingston

M8 Glasgow - J19-18 Anderston

M8 Glagsow - J18-17 St George's Cross

M8 Glasgow - Elevated Section

M8 Glasgow - J16a (not opened)

M8 Glasgow - J16 Port Dundas

M8 Glasgow - J15 Townhead

M8 Glasgow - J14